How To Create Google My Business Account

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How To Create Google My Business Account

So, most of the people are emailing us to write a blog post on “How to Create Google My Business Account” Step By Step.

After receiving lots of texts, I decided to make an article on step by step setup Google My Business Account. So just hang out with us.

Google my business is the very important factor of SEO. A report says that around 50% of audiences / consumers visit stores in a day to take products and services by local searching.

For example: If you want to take digital marketing services, what will you search? Something like: Digital Agency In Glasgow if you are in this location right? or Digital marketing company in Glasgow.

80% of people trust the local market. If they want to take any services they will just google those keywords and if you are in top 3 then most chances are to grab the leads.

So, this is the basic power of Local SEO or Google My Business Account.

Now, come back to topic “How to setup Google My Business Account

Step 1: If you want to be on google map then you have to first list your business on google. So, First you will search Google My Business on Google. See Image

Google My Business

Step 2: After searching, you will have to click on the 1st result or top URL.  After clicking you have to click on the sign in button or you can click on Manage Now Button.


Step 3: Now, you have to login to your gmail id if you have. If you don’t have any gmail account then you have an option to create an account. By clicking on create an account you are able to create your first gmail account.

I have a gmail account so I will sign in to my gmail account.

Sign in to gmb

Step 4: After Sign in, you will now be able to Add your business to google.

#1. How to add your business to google

Add your business to google

Click on Add your business to google and you will redirect to “What’s the name of your business page

Now, Enter your business name. Eg: SEO BIZ RANK. If you have already listed your business name then it will be automatically suggested. To avoid duplication, you need to give an unique business name.

Add name of your business

#2. Choose Your Business Category While Creating GMB Account

Add name of your business

This is a very important factor. Business category is important because Google works on relevancy and if your business is not relevant to your category then it might not rank on google. So, choose your business category wisely.

Why did you choose the business category?

You choose this business category to help customers / consumers to find you and your business if they are looking for a business like yours. So, choose relevant and effective categories.

For Eg: If I am serving Website Development Service then my business category will be web designer. If I have Digital Marketing Agency then my business category will be Marketing Agency, Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketing Services.

#3. Add your address of your business location

Before adding your location to google, you need to choose if you want to add a location so that customers can visit, like a shop or office or not?

Choose your location

Why is this so? Because This location will show up on Google Maps and Search when customers are looking for your business.

Now, You need to enter your valid address or valid business location.

  • Enter your country
  • Enter your street address
  • Enter your postal town
  • Enter your postcode

#4. Enter your service area

If you also serve customers outside this location, then you have to choose Yes, I also serve them outside my location. And if you are not serving any services then choose NO.

serve customers outside this location

If you opted YES, then you have to select and search the areas where you provide the services. Why is this so? Because You can list your service areas. They will show up on your listing and help to attract relevant customers.

Select and specify your service areas

#5. Add contact number, and current website URL

Now, you have to add your mobile number or phone number and website URL so that customers can contact you and visit your website.

Gmb contact details

You can also get more traffic from Local SEO.

And if you don’t have any website then don’t worry. GMB provides free business site but the domain will be something like SEO BIZ RANK

I will share how to create a GMB website in my next blog post.

Now, After entering all the details, you are into the final stage of completing and creating GMB Account.

  • Where you can manage your GMB Account.
  • Promote your business with photos and posts on GMB
  • Track business analytics to understand your customers on GMB
  • Respond to customer reviews on GMB
Manage GMB

#6. Complete and Verify Your GMB Account

Now, Google will send you the verification code within 4 to 12 days. It basically depends upon the location.

Verify GMB Account

You also have 3 ways to verify your Google My Business Account.

1. Via Postcard Verification : This is the most common and most used way of verification of GMB accounts. A verification postcard will be sent to your address and you will receive a 5 digit verification code.

2. Via Phone Verification : This option you will get when you are eligible to verify your listing via Phone number otp / code. Only some of the businesses get this kind of liberty to verify their business via phone number.

3. Via Email verification : This verification required similar to Phone verification. Some businesses can leverage this option.

So, that’s it from today’s blog. If you need this GMB verification service, then please let us know. We can verify your business within 4 to 12 days.

We will take some nominal service charges like around 50$ to 100$.

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